Q: How secure is my credit card information in this website?

A: Your data will be encrypted and stored by Datatrans, who put security, together with the requirements and satisfaction of their customers, the highest priority. Datatrans fulfils all the PCI guidelines and it has been officially certified by VISA and MasterCard as the Payment Service Provider.

Q: What credit card can I use?

A: VISA and MasterCard can be used.

Q: What payment methods do you offer?

A: We offer credit cardsa and PayPal.

Q: Do I get refund if the flight is cancelled or if I decide not to fly after all?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to refund payments once they have been made.

Q: Will any additional costs be required?

A: Basically, there will be no additional costs, however, your credit card company may take foreign transaction fee.

Q: Who will the billing origin be?

 A: "STIFTUNG MYCLIMATE" will be the name of the billing origin.

Q: How are CO2 emissions calculated?

A: Based on the guidelines published by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), myclimate, a non profit organization, calculates CO2 emissions.

Basic idea of myclimate's flight emissions calculation logic is as below and details can be found here.

  1. Determine total fuel combustion by calculating the travel distance and aircraft and engine type.
  2. Emissions per average passenger can be calculated by subtracting cargo load, correcting for passenger load factor and average seat number.
  3. Finally emissions per individual passenger can be calculated by adjusting weight by cabin class.

Q: Why can I calculate CO2 emissions even for a route that does not exist or is currently not available?

A: By using the calculation logic as above, it is possible to calculate CO2 emissions for any route by calculating the flight distance between airports.

Q: Why are the emissions larger if I travel in a business or first class compared to an economy class?

A: Business and the first class seating configurations take up more space and weight on an aircraft than economy class seating. Based on ICAO recommendations, the emissions associated with the business and the first class travel are estimated as double those in economy.

Q: Why can the result on this site be different from that by a different emissions calculator?

A: On this site, the calculation logic made by myclimate based on guidelines published by ICAO and IPCC is adapted, which may differ from other programs.

Q: Does the individual luggage size affect the result of the emissions calculator?

A: Luggage size differs among seat classes (economy, business and first class) are taken into account while it is not within the same seat class.

Q: Can I calculate without entering transit airport?

A: You can calculate, however, the result may be not accurate.

Q: Are CO2 emissions of a child the same as an adult?

A: A child occupying a seat is counted as one adult.

Q: Does myclimate's emissions calculator take into account the impact of non-CO2 gases at altitude?

A: No. At the moment, the relative scale of non-CO2 gases impact is highly uncertain.

Q: Can I compensate my emissions even if I did not take a flight by JAL?

A: Yes.

Q: How much environmental damage does flying cause?

A: IPCC indicates that aviation contributes around 2% of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, at the same time, it is necessary to use airplanes when we want to go overseas and when we want to move faster. Therefore, in western countries, over 40 airline companies are taking into account carbon offsetting as a solution for environmental damage caused by aviation. Carbon offset became mainstream.

Q: Why is there a big difference between the cost for when I choose a project in Kumamoto and a project in Brazil?

A: The price can differ depending on the scheme, project type and its scale.
The project in a vast land of a developing country can be less costly, compared to a forestry project in Japan which needs longer time and more effort. For JAL group's chosen projects also, it is not the exception but it costs you less when you choose the project in Brazil.

Q: Is it certain that the money I paid is going to use to reduce the CO2 emissions?

A: Yes. On this website, myclimate Japan, as a carbon offset provider, we purchase the emission reductions and retire them responsibly on behalf of customers.

Q: Can I earn miles by the carbon offset?

A: Currently, our carbon offsetting service is not linked with mileage service.

Q: Will the emissions reductions belong to JAL group?

A: No. The emissions reductions will belong to customers who bear the costs.

Q: Can I receive the receipt?

A: The receipt will be issued automatically with your certificate after the payment. Those will be sent to your email address from info@myclimate.org. If you are using spam settings, please check your junk mail box or unblock @myclimate.org.

Q: What is the certificate for?

A: It certifies that the carbon offset has been done properly. If you are doing it as a company, the certificate can be included in your report such as CSR report and Carbon Disclosure Project.

Q: Can I get the certificate in non-electronic formats?

A: We are issuing as pdf data only, as printing and sending paper-based certificate will produce CO2.

Q: Can you issue the certificate for an organisation?

A: Yes, it is possible to issue the certificate for an organisation rather than an individual. Please input the organisation name in the name field.

Q: Am I also able to make a contribution that is higher or lower than the amount calculated by the emissions calculator?

A: Yes, the emissions calculator is merely there for orientation purposes to determine the scale of the donation. You may determine the actual amount of the compensation payment yourself.

Q: What does JAL group do to tackle climate change?

A: JAL group is approaching to reduce CO2 emissions in multiple ways. More information is available here

Q: Who is myclimate Japan?

A: myclimate Japan Co., Ltd. is a carbon offset provider, whose goal is to be appreciated by children 100 years from now. myclimate Japan Co., Ltd., founded on November 11, 2011, is a venture co-financed by ECONOS Co., Ltd. and the Foundation myclimate, a world leading voluntary carbon offset provider, based in Zurich, Switzerland. myclimate Japan benefits from the international network of myclimate and provides customers quality services of carbon offset and other bussinesses related to climate change. For more information, see myclimate Japan website.

Q: What is carbon offsetting?

A: Carbon offsetting is the use of emissiosn reductions, produced by the reduction/absorption project implemented in other places,  to enable individuals and organisations to compensate for their CO2 emissions, meet their carbon reduction goals and support the move to a low carbon economy.  Businesses compensate for their environmental impact in order to meet increasing stakeholder pressure and are able to demonstrate leadership, differentiate from competitors and engage internal and external stakeholders in their action. (See Ministry of Environment)

Q: Is carbon offsetting good for something?

A: With your compensations, you can contribute to prevent global warming. Global warming is globally known as one of the biggest environmental problem people must face.

Q: At where is CO2 reduced?

A: CO2 is reduced in a country/region where the project of your choice is implemented. On this website, you can choose from Japan (J-Credit)and Brazil (Gold Standard CER).